At Burcott Mill, we produce Somerset's only Soil Association accredited organic, traditionally milled, stoneground flour. It is available to buy directly from the mill 7 days a week from 8am til dusk. It is also stocked widely throughout Somerset at quality whole food stores and farm shops. For your nearest outlet, see the list of Farm Shops on the website (under Mill/Flour section).
If you live further afield, you can now order our flour to be delivered with very reasonable delivery charges. For more information, see the online sales.

We produce 3 grades of wholemeal flour; coarse, fine and extra fine:

For a traditional wholemeal loaf with real texture and a rich roasted, nutty flavour. Add Strong White - up to 50% - or use our Extra Fine flour.
Great for sodabread and an alternative to breadcrumbs for coating chicken
Our most popular bread flour, perfect for use in breadmakers. The fine grade means little, if any, Strong White is needed in your bread mix.
Extra Fine
An ideal all-purpose plain flour for fine bread, cakes, crumbles, scones and pastry.No need to add Strong White in your bread mix, giving a 100% wholemeal loaf, with stone ground goodness.

As well as the conventional wholemeal wheat Flour, we also produce Spelt Flour using organically grown Spelt grain from Sharpham Park, near Glastonbury.

Spelt is one of the oldest cereals known to man. It is higher in protein than most wheats and has a fragile gluten structure making it easy to digest and therefore suitable for people with wheat intolerances. It was grown widely throughout Europe until the early 1800's when modern wheats became more favoured by producers for their high yields and easier grain extraction.

Over the last few years, Spelt has once again increased in popularity as it's nutritional and health benefits have become more widely recognised. It has large amounts of Vitamin B and is an excellent source of Riboflavin, Niacin and fibre.

Like Burcott Mill's wholemeal flour range, Somerset Organic Spelt carries Soil Association organic certification and the "Level's Best" trademark for food and drink produced to quality standards on Somerset Levels and Moors.

Price List
Pack Size Organic Wholemeal Somerset Organic Spelt
1.5 Kg £ 2.75 £ 5.50
12.5 Kg £ 18.50 £ 37.00
25 Kg £ 35.00 £ 65.00