The origins of Burcott Mill date back over 1000 years to a recording in the Domesday Book (1086). Today, it is one of the few remaining examples of a working watermill operating in the UK. Back in 1900, there were over 10,000 water and windmills in Britain, whilst today fewer than 50 fully working water powered flour mills remain.

Stoneground Wholemeal Flour

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Selected photo of the Hayloft
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Mill Tours

Farm Shops
The stoneground wholemeal flour we produce is sold in many quality farm shops around Somerset, as well as directly from the mill.

We are also a working museum, as the flour we produce is handcrafted using the same methods and machinery that were employed 150 years ago.

The mill is open daily during the hours of daylight for flour sales and visitors are welcome to look round the mill, although we mill our flour to order and so cannot guarantee it will be running at any given time.

To experience the mill fully working, we run guided tours throughout the year for pre-booked groups.